Public school is not for us. I have a negative opinion of it. That does not mean I have a negative opinion of you or your child or your child’s teacher if your child is or was or will be in public school.
In the same vein, I’m really fine with any negative opinion you (or your child or your child’s teacher) may have of homeschooling. But I’m not reading your journal entry about it. It’s okay with me for you to not “get” homeschooling. So be okay with me not “getting” public school or bugger off of this post. 


Upon the recommendation of a new (to me) homeschooling website, I’m going to try to make a “mission statement”.

I’m supposed to write out every single reason we decided to home-school. But it feels like I’m missing the point to start with…

-other kids are so often such tremendous assholes

-other adults are so often such tremendous assholes

-the public school system feels like a pit of judgmental shit that seams more like a cattle farm than a place for a child to learn and grow and develop a passion for education. AHA.

Maybe that’s exactly where I need to start. We want to keep our kids home because we want learning to be a part of their life. Not their day.

We want to teach them ourselves because we don’t care if they are terrible at something they have no interest in and want to give them the time, the skills, the encouragement, the environment to thrive at what they enjoy. We want them to feel free to drop one interest for another without warning or justification.

As adults, I want the girls to really *feel* themselves.
I want them to know who they are, how they work together, how they work alone.
I want them to have an idea of what makes them tick.
I want them to know their strengths and their weaknesses and
-I want them to know how to strengthen any weakness they want to strengthen and
-how to accept any weakness they don’t.

I want them to be open to new things, people, places, ideas. I want them to be skeptical and curious.

Additionally, I want the girls to see the world as their encyclopedia. Every trip to the beach or river, every trip to the grocery store. Every trip to the library, the zoo, or the playground. Everywhere you go, there is something to take home. Something exciting. Something new. There is always, everywhere, so much we don’t know.  I want them to always be exited to find it. And I want to be there next to them when they do.

Eventually, the girls will have the cognition to choose public or home school. And I think once they’re capable of understanding the decision, I’ll be pretty impartial to whichever they choose. I think that’s kind of the point. If public school (or college or a profession in “the arts”) calls, I want them to have the freedom, the confidence, the space to answer.

And ultimately, therein lies my mission: to keep my kids the weird, totally unique, bizzare little nerds they each are in their own right. And to instill in them to change when and what and where they want to change and to dig in where they find pride or joy.

Because really, what else matters.



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